Mold Problems Affect Quality of Life for Residents of Apartments and Condos Across the State

Mold Problems Affect Quality of Life for Residents of Apartments and Condos Across the State

In numerous cases, people living in condominiums and apartment buildings in South Florida and across Florida have faced threats to their health and declines in their quality of life due to the invasion of mold in their living spaces. Mold growths in walls, in ventilation ducts and air conditioning vents, under ceilings, under sinks and in other places can put residents’ health at risk and drastically affect their quality of life. Insufficient maintenance, shoddy construction and other causes have caused mold problems for people living in places like Miami, Celebration, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Boca Raton and elsewhere across the state. Property managers and landlords can hire companies licensed to perform mold removal south florida work to eliminate mold growing in condo buildings, apartment buildings, clubhouses and other areas.

Mold spores in apartments and condos can sicken residents and make their lives miserable. People exposed to mold in their homes can develop severe breathing problems, rashes, headaches and other symptoms. Mold exposure can also lead to asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Miami residents living in apartment complexes can ask their landlords to hire licensed companies that offer mold remediation miami services if they suspect that mold has taken hold in their units. South Florida’s humid climate and rainy weather make mold infestations fairly common across the area. Mold often produces a musty, unpleasant odor in affected houses, apartments and condos. It can also present itself as growths on walls and flooring. Mold growths may appear black, green, blue, brown and other colors.

Residents and tenants can fight to eliminate mold from their buildings by taking legal action. Tenants in many cases, including a recent case in Coral Springs, have gotten out of their leases because of the failure of landlords to promptly address mold problems. Some condo owners in Celebration, the manufactured Central Florida town formerly owned by Disney, have sued the owners of the town to try to get them to pay for repairs and mold remediation efforts.


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